At HOJO Studios we believe in investing in our community, and I believe one of the best places to do that is through the local church. I am passionate about coming alongside local churches to help them live out their mission.  I have spent the majority of my life working for non-profits and churches. I believe this experience has given me a good perspective as to what some of the biggest needs are for the church.

I believe most churches are suffering from a chronic illness. They are understaffed, and the staff they do have is over worked. It is not uncommon to witness a Youth Pastor who is also the Worship Pastor who also does the Graphic Design, and the church Web Site…oh, and don’t forget posting all the pictures on Facebook! After years of experiencing this first hand, and having conversations with so many others in the same frustrating situation I finally came to the conclusion that this just IS NOT RIGHT. There MUST be a better way…this CANNOT be what God intended for His church.  I saw Pastors unable to Pastor, Worship Leaders unable to Lead, Ministry Workers unable to minister to people in need.  When you stopped and looked around you could see all the pretty graphics and lights, but it was sometimes hard to see what “ministry” was actually being done.

Once I was able to take myself out of the everyday “ministry work” it gave me the opportunity to look from the outside in. A bright light shined on the now obvious problem. And eventually an idea that would actually HELP the church get healthy and get rid of this chronic illness that plagues it so badly was birthed. These days most churches have a need for art and digital media. But most Pastors are not trained or equipped with the resources to fill this need. Only the large churches can afford to pay a full time staff member to fill this need, and a lot of time this staff member is a college kid “learning on the job”. Now there is nothing wrong with this, but when the expectations are to create media like Hillsong, you gotta feel for this poor kid!

So came the idea. To operate a business that provides Monthly Service to churches at an affordable rate, depending on what they need. A monthly “subscription” to take care of all Digital Media needs, and most importantly takes the weight off of the Pastor(s) so they can be free to serve people! Because isn’t that what a Pastor should be doing…Pastoring?! I have made it a personal mission to free Pastors and Ministry Leaders from designing flyers so they can spend more time serving people.  I believe the long-term effects of this will be fare greater than a little graphic or banner. When Pastors can pastor, people are transformed, families are made stronger and communities shine brighter.

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