It can be easy to underestimate the power of a business card. After all, they’re rather small, each one taking up an average of 3.5 x 2 inches of space in the world, usually carrying a person’s name and professional information. Many of them go overlooked after exchanging hands, whether in crowded conference halls or over quiet dinners.

So how powerful can they possibly be?

Imagine this: A designer creates a beautiful business card to promote her creative services. She sends it out into the world. The card is well designed and eye-catching and speaks a truth about her work. Those who receive the card hold on to it, talk about it, appreciate it. Perhaps images of this business card are shared online amongst admirers of creativity. Perhaps the business card is powerful enough to open up career and business opportunities the designer could have never anticipated…

So how powerful can a business card be? Well, who’s to say? If it creates the right kind of promotional buzz, the impact may surprise us.

By: Amanda Aszman